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4 Traditionally Girl Scout Recipes

Blog written by Rebekah Stefl Traditions are a huge part of Girl Scouts! They can be found in the uniforms we wear, the songs we sing and even the food we eat! Now every Girl Scout will have their own personal twist on all these classic dishes and they might even have other food traditions … Read more 4 Traditionally Girl Scout Recipes

Photos: STEAM with the Program Team

Every Wednesday at 4:30 p.m. girls from around the country gather to experience STEAM adventures with GSHPA’s program team. Thanks to technology and the ability to meet virtually Girl Scouts and friends are able come together to learn about each other and with each other as they discover the world around them. Here are some … Read more Photos: STEAM with the Program Team

Fun Fall Patches For You

Post by Colleen Sypien Fall is fast approaching, and with it comes the opportunity to get back together with your Girl Scout friends and earn some new badges! Below we have some of our favorite badges that you can earn this fall with your troop or on your own! Financial Literacy Badges With Fall Fundraiser … Read more Fun Fall Patches For You

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