Girl Spotlight – Nya Rosa

Staying Calm in a Crisis

Throughout the years Girl Scouts have strived to be “Go-Getters, Risk Takers, Innovators and Leaders” and today we are highlighting a GSHPA Girl Scout who went above and beyond for her family. On August 18 2020 a local Cadette Girl Scout from GSHPA’s Troop 14000, Nya Rosa, jumped into a lifesaving situation. Nya showed extraordinary courage in the face of challenging circumstances.  

Nya Rosa, 2021

In Nya’s own words, here is what she remembers from the morning of August 18, 2020. 

“It was a beautiful Tuesday morning and my dad had gotten home from the hospital after two weeks of intensive care. My mom asked me to make pancakes for the four of us; my brother was still sleeping when I started the pancakes. I was on my third round of pancakes when I heard the bang. Boom. Boom. The loud fall was clearly heard over the sound of the T.V. My mom quickly paused the show she was watching and went straight to my dad’s bathroom door. I did not even realize he was awake yet until I heard the bang. My mom sounded very worried, which sparked some fears within me. “Mike, are you okay?” she sounded a bit panicked. No response. “Is he okay?” I asked, flipping the last pancake on the pan. “Nya get me a folding chair.” She told me. I turned off the stove and went to the dining room where the chair was. I brought her the chair through my side of the bathroom. Our bathrooms connect with the shower, not knowing if he was on the door or not, I brought it through. I asked again “Is he okay?” I don’t remember if I got a response, but I went back to the kitchen. I started making another pancake in case his sugar was low and he needed carbs. “Nya call 911!” I heard my mom call mid flip. I turned off the stove again and I asked her where her phone was. I quickly found it and I was able to call. I gave the operator what he needed, trying not to freak out. My heart was going a mile a minute not knowing if my dad was doing all right. I asked my mom for the information that I did not know, like the township and stuff that she would know being in the same room as him. She was able to step out of the room, but by the time she got the phone, I had already answered all the questions that he needed. The ambulance was coming for him and all I needed now was to tell my grandma to come stay with me and my brother. By this stage, my brother was awake and he was packing the stuff my dad needed to stay just in case he was staying overnight. The ambulance came and he was able to get to the hospital.” 

Here is what Nya’s mom and Troop Leader, Isabel, had to say about Nya’s actions. 

“Nya called 911 and got an ambulance to come for my husband. She gave them the necessary information to get help for her father. To call 911 is very scary. As adults, we become nervous in these situations and Nya was no exception. She did not let her nerves get the best of her and she gave clear information that was needed. Only a week earlier my husband was in ICU, so this fall was a huge deal and very scary for everyone. After the dispatcher hung up, Nya and my son helped gather my husband’s things to be taken to the emergency room. Nya called my mother to inform her what had happened to her father. During this ordeal Nya was cooking. She showed maturity and clear headedness to turn off the stove before walking away. She was courageous in making that call without hesitation.” 

Once GSUSA learned of this situation Nya received a letter of recognition from Judith Batty, GSUSA’s Interim Chief Executive Officer.  An excerpt from this letter states: “Your incredible confidence, sound judgement, and willingness to take decisive action in the midst of an emergency deserves recognition and serves as a shining example for Girl Scouts everywhere.”  

In addition to this recognition from GSUSA, GSHPA will be presenting Nya with a Certificate of Merit for her quick thinking and calm actions during her father’s medical emergency.  

Great Job Nya!

Post by Debbie

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