2021 National Product Program Conference

Looking back and looking ahead

Earlier this summer, GSHPA hosted more than 400 Girl Scout professionals, virtually, from across the globe as they hosted the National Product Program Conference. The mission of the conference was to focus on learning, collaborating and networking to operationally build and grow consistent, sustainable programs in partnership with GSUSA and vendors. 

GSHPA President and CEO, Janet Donovan kicked off the conference with opening remarks. 

GSHPA staff also presented different sessions during the conference. Director of Product Program and Retail Jessica Delp led “Collaborating with All Departments During Cookie Season” as well as co-leading “How Marketing Helps the Cookie Program” with GSHPA Marketing and Communications Director, Cathy Hirko. Other sessions included Cookie Forecasting, Rewards Strategy and Guidance, Cookie Program 101 and more!  

“We were so excited and honored to be the virtual host council this year,” said Delp. “We already have plans in the works for next year’s conference – in person at the Sweetest Place on Earth, Hershey, PA.” 

Vendors and sponsors led informative and interactive virtual expo booths. Not only were the national Girl Scout Cookie bakers present, but other groups such as Disney on Broadway and The Shoe That Grows; a leather sandal invented by inventor Kenton Lee that can adjust its size, allowing children in third-world countries to grow up without having to go barefoot.  

In addition to these items GSHPA wanted to ensure that our attendees felt connected while meeting virtually. We planned a variety of activities such as a Cookies & Cocktails event and S’more Fun Networking!  

In 2022, GSHPA will again host this national conference, but this time in person at the Hershey Lodge! GSHPA is honored to partner with GSUSA, the national Girl Scout organization, to offer this amazing opportunity two years in a row.  

Kids Saving the Rainforest

Kids Saving the Rainforest (KSTR) is a non-profit organization founded in 1999 by two nine-year-old girls with the purpose of educating people around the world about the ecological importance of the rainforest.  KSTR has many projects in which they are actively involved in, including a wildlife rehabilitation center!

As part of the wildlife rehabilitation center, we raise baby animals abandoned by their mothers and release them back into the wild. We placed 136 monkey bridges over the roads to prevent harm to wildlife, including the titi monkeys, who have been on the Critically Endangered UN Red List since 1997.  When we started the program in 2000, there were only 1200 titi monkeys left in the world, now there are estimated to be 5700! 

We have a Wildlife Sanctuary for non-releasable animals, this sanctuary has educational tours to teach people of all ages about the rainforest, its destruction, and we then empower them to contribute in saving the rainforest.

We have reforested over 17,400 trees to provide corridors, food, and shelter for the wildlife that we rescue, and have a donated property of 290 acres on which, we plan to naturally regrow 84,000 trees in a period of time.

The KSTR story and efforts to save the rainforest have been featured in many media outlets including Teen Magazine, Teen People, National Geographic Explorer, National Geographic for Kids, National Geographic TV Channel, BBC, Appleseeds, Owl Magazine, Wild Magazine, Nature’s Way, Get Outta Town TV Show, Amazing Kid Of the Month (April 2003, 2004) Young Eco Hero of Action For Nature, and Do Gooder of the Month (April 2004).

Learn more about us at our website. This year, we are excited that GSHPA is partnering with us! Girl Scouts who participate in the Fall Fundraiser Program and who reach the $1200 reward level can Sponsor a Sloth from Kids Saving the Rainforest!

GSHPA Retail is Back!

We are excited to announce that Girl Scouts in the Heart of PA Retail is back! We heard from many of our members and are excited to be back to offer some awesome Girl Scout merchandise! We began revamping our retail efforts earlier in 2020 and we are excited about the items, sales and much more we now have to offer to the members, families, and friends of GSHPA!

You may have even seen some of the recent retail events and sales we have been hosted over the last few months, such as our GSHPA “Girl Scout Strong” shirt sale, our Facebook Live Shopping Event and our GSHPA Neon shirt sale. You may have even seen our GSHPA Pop Up Shop at a recent Adult Enrichment event held at Camp Small Valley. If you have not yet heard about these retail events, or if you would just love more Girl Scout gear, we’ve got you! Expect to see even more sales and events like these throughout the year. We will share information about any upcoming retail sales and events on our official GSHPA social media pages and in various communications. As a reader of this blog post, we will even give you some insider info: be on the lookout for another GSHPA Facebook Live Shopping Event this fall!

In the meantime, don’t forget about the Girl Scouts Official Online Store – GirlScoutShop.com; your one-stop-shop for all Girl Scout-related items. The online store truly has it all, from uniforms and badges to sweatshirts and sleeping bags! As an added bonus, it is offering free shipping on all orders now through the rest of 2020!

As we promote sales and specials, we want to be sure you are aware of all the ways to buy Girl Scout items and make the most of your Girl Scout Retail experience. Additionally, as a reminder, Girl Scouts in the Heart of Pennsylvania no longer has a brick-and-mortar store, so all purchases can be made online!

We know that the Girl Scout Online Store has a lot to offer! Did you know that your Girl Scout can use her GO! Dough to purchase that extra special item from the online store? Yes, she can! Did she earn GO! Dough from the GSHPA Cookie Program or GSHPA Fall Product Program? If so, she can use her hard-earned GO! Dough to purchase that fun Girl Scout gear she’s had her eye on from GirlScoutShop.com. T To shop with GO! Dough just fill out the form here or call Member Services, at 1-800-692-7816, and our team will be happy to help process her order.

The GSHPA Retail Team is so excited to bring new Girl Scout apparel and items to our members, families, and friends! Be on the lookout for upcoming retail sales and events on our social media pages!