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Making Memories: Dad Style

Four GSHPA Dads Share their Stories As Girl Scouts we learn all about how awesome Girl Power can be, and we learn from our amazing leaders and other women in our lives. But sometimes it can be easy to forget that our Girl Scout dads play a huge role in helping us to grow into … Read more Making Memories: Dad Style

GSHPA’s Cookie Story Finds Success

A recent Associated Press story regarding unsold Girl Scout Cookies on a national level highlighted the challenges that many Girl Scout Councils faced as we emerge from a nationwide pandemic. This was not the story for Girl Scouts in the Heart of Pennsylvania. Like many nonprofits and businesses, Girl Scouts in the Heart of Pennsylvania … Read more GSHPA’s Cookie Story Finds Success

Troops to Troops

Many people will tell you Girl Scout Cookie season ranks right up there as one of the best times of the year. For some, the joy comes from trying the year’s newest flavor, for others, it’s the comfort of their favorite classic variety that brings back special memories.   For military service members deployed overseas, reminders … Read more Troops to Troops