Prioritizing Appreciation

The past year has brought about MANY changes, of course… you know that.  It’s changed the way we work, socialize, even grocery shop, (again, not breaking news).  What it has not changed is the need to encourage and recognize employees.  If anything, it’s even more important to show our employees that they are appreciated.  So, how do we do that?  

Recognizing employees can come in many different forms.  For example, I am a gifter.  I love to give gifts as well as receive them.  My first draft of this posting was done with a pen I received as a valentine from GSHPA’s Staff Appreciation Committee.  While I’m a gifter, not everyone is.  Some people thrive on one to one interaction, some people prefer to receive hand written letters, and some people prefer activities.  How we all feels our best is different between each person.  So how do we show appreciation to each employee when there are so many with so many different needs?   

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Well that is the real question and is something that the Staff Appreciation Committee struggles with at each meeting.  We know the importance of engaging our staff in different ways to ensure each and every one of our 56 employees feel appreciated.  While we are a smaller organization, some of our efforts can be duplicated amongst bigger, or even smaller, workplaces as well.   

Check out some examples of what we at GSHPA have done to appreciate our staff;  

  1. We sent Valentine’s to everyone.  A stress taco and a heart pen!  
  1. We held a virtual holiday party with 6 different activities for everyone to participate in.  
  1. We spent an afternoon choosing our words of intention for the year and the SAC is creating printable reminders for each staff person.  
  1. Each staff member receives cards for their birthdays and work anniversaries in conjunction with the leadership team.  
  1. We have two very active social groups that meet monthly after work.   
  1. Currently, we are hosting a step challenge for any staff members who wanted a little extra support in hitting their daily and weekly step goals.  

One of the items mentioned above is the social groups that meet monthly after work.  We’re really excited about this newly formed aspect of the Staff Appreciation Committee!  In December we started a Craft Club.  Each month, a club member “hosts” a Zoom event and teaches the rest of the club how to do a craft, typically one that matches the season.  Our other social club, the Book Club, began at the end of January.  Each month we choose a book and read throughout the month.  When we are able to meet, we spend some time discussing the book and also then choosing a book for the next month.  The best part of each of the clubs though, the socialization and bonding that happen while were crafting or discussing the book.   

While these ideas can all be implemented into the workplace, they can also be used engage your troop members.  Planning a troop meeting, whether in person or virtually, you can create some activities for your girls to participate with.  A platform that has been a huge hit with our staff, and free to use, is Kahoot.  It can be used in person or virtually and it makes creates a fun, competitive activity for your girls. Another way to show your girls how much you appreciate them and how much they are going through, reaching out individually. Give them a call or a text to chat with them about their day or their current goals.

Another way to show them your appreciation is to recognize them individually during a virtual (or in person) troop meeting. Create awards for each of your girls that are leader judged. For example, Best Zoom Background, Funniest Pet Story, Best Quarantine Skill, or anything you can imagine!

What are some ways your employers have shown you their appreciation?  Have you done anything to show your girls your appreciation of them?  

Post by Erica

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