Famous Girl Scouts

There are so many amazing Girl Scouts and Girl Guides in the world, and reading about what they have accomplished and done for the world is so uplifting. Keep reading to learn about some of my favorite famous Girl Scouts! 

Sally Ride 

Sally grew up as a Girl Scout, and became the first woman to fly in space in 1983. She’s been an advocate for science education, particularly for girls, and was a professor of physics at the University of California. She also co-founded Camp CEO, a Girl Scouts mentorship program! 

Queen Latifah 

Latifah was a nickname growing up, and it means delicate and sensitive in Arabic. Despite a nickname that may have made people think she was meek and mild, her career and success has been anything but! She debuted her first album when she was just 19, and her successes are incredibly empowering to read about. She is also the narrator of the documentary about famous Girl Scouts in “Lifetime of Leadership”. 

Katie Couric 

Katie worked with a Girl Scout troop in Arlington, Virginia for many years, and has been a dedicated Girl Scout ever since. She is an accomplished journalist, and has helped work with Girl Scouts to raise awareness of the leadership gap between men and women.  

Gloria Steinem 

You may recognize Gloria’s name as an author and journalist, but she has also been an entrepreneur and activist throughout her life. She has helped to launch the Women’s Action Alliance, the Women’s Media Center, and Voters for Choice. Her grandmother was even a chairwoman of the National Woman Suffrage Association! 

Taylor Swift 

Taylor grew up right here in Pennsylvania in Berks County! She started singing at a young age and has gone on to have huge success, even recently been named artist of the decade at the American Music Awards. Despite her successes, she still remembers her Girl Scout roots, and has even given free concert tickets to troops in the past.  

Condoleezza Rice 

As a political scientist and diplomat, Condoleezza has blazed new paths for African American women and women as a whole. She became the first woman and first African American provost at Stanford University, was the national security advisor and secretary of state during George W. Bush’s presidency, and became one of the first female members of Augusta National Golf Club in 2012, a club that had excluded women for 80 years! Her incredible leadership journey began when she was just a girl in Girl Scouts.  

Is your favorite famous Girl Scout part of my list? Leave a comment below if you have other famous Girl Scouts we should read about! 

Written by Colleen Sypien

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